Garth feels ‘cheated’ out of Survivor

By admin
27 January 2010

He has the dubious honour of being the first celebrity voted out in Survivor SA: Santa Carolina, which for strongman and actor GARTH COLLINS was a huge disappointment.

The first episode of the reality contest briefly showed how the former Gladiator accidentally cut his foot on a piece of coral. “It was bleeding and the doctors had a look at it. But according to the rules they weren’t allowed to give me antibiotics.” He’s used to being seen as the tough guy, Garth says, “but I’m human and we all have our Achilles heel.”

After his tribesmates decided to vote him out Garth received proper medical treatment for his leg which he says had swollen to twice its normal size. His leg has almost recovered and a much bigger problem is the bicep he tore in the immunity challenge.

Despite the medical mishaps Garth says he’d do it again in a heartbeat. “I feel cheated. Once I recovered I begged them to let me back into the game. I was hoping there could be a twist where I would be brought back,” he reveals.

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