Gauteng shoppers warned to be on alert for mall cash scams

By admin
01 November 2016

If you pick up a thick wad of cash in a shopping mall don’t immediately think it must be your lucky day.

Police officials from the Randburg police station in Johannesburg are warning people to be on the lookout for a new scam that criminals are using to rob people, reports the Northcliff Mellville Times.

Police spokesperson Captain Makgowanyana Maja says a security guard recently showed up at the police station with a roll of what seemed to be money.

According to him the crooks leave the "money" on the floor then after a shopper has picked it up the scammer says they want a share of it. After the shopper has agreed to share the cash the scammer mugs the unsuspecting shopper.

The wad of cash is actually rolled-up paper with a banknote on the outside making it look like a bankroll. “It is an old thing that's happening again,” said Maja to YOU.

“They are doing it everywhere, not somewhere specific. They move from one place to another. We noticed it two weeks ago; that is why we want to warn people.”

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