Gauteng social worker adopts baby boy after drug-addict mom tries to SELL him

By Jacques Myburgh
07 March 2017

“I felt that there was a connection between me and him.”

Little Riaan* is the very definition of adorable. At seven months he’s crawling all over the show at his new mom, Susan Klopper's*, house in Gauteng.

No one would have thought that little baby boy’s life would turn out to be so idyllic after his biological mother, who was addicted to drugs, tried to sell him to a sangoma.

“I got a call from someone on 22 July last year to ask if I couldn’t go and help this pregnant woman,” says Susan, a social worker from Kempton Park.

“She was lying next to a shop on the pavement [in labour] and said that she wasn’t even sure if the child was still alive.” Susan put her hand on the woman’s stomach and felt the baby kick.

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

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“You see how much God cares for you and your baby,” she told the mother. “At that moment I felt that there was a connection between me and him.”

Susan called an ambulance and gave the woman her number.

The next day security at a local train station called Susan and told her the woman had tried to sell her newborn baby.

Susan rushed there as fast as she could.

“When I got there he was so defenceless and cold. I decided there and then that I would do everything in my power to protect him.”

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And she did just that, legally adopting the newborn.

Susan, who has no children of her own, says the first night he spent at her house was the most challenging.

“That first night it was me and Google caring for him,” she says while laughing.

“The first week was a blur, but I think that my maternal instinct kicked in and now I’m like a well-oiled machine.”

Riaan was also baptised this past weekend.

“I just decided that it had to be done; to thank God for the massive role that he’s played in his life.”

*Not their real names

Jacques Myburgh

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