Gavin Rossdale: I was so shy!

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31 January 2015

Gavin Rossdale has admitted that he was “so shy” as a child.

The 49-year-old may be a cool musician as the lead singer of Bush, not to mention being married to No Doubt star Gwen Stefani. But when he was younger, it was a whole different story.

'I’d blush if someone spoke to me'

“I was so shy when I was a kid. I’d blush if someone spoke to me,” he confessed in US Weekly’s ‘25 things you don’t know about me’ feature.

The star opened up further about his childhood, admitting his dad raised him from the age of 11. He also seemed to have a number of medical problems as a youngster, with a burst appendix at the age of nine as well as spending a year in hospital with ear problems.

“I lived in a room the size of a prison cell even though it wasn’t a prison cell,” he added.

Now that Gavin has a much bigger pad to live in, he can do a lot more things that he enjoys. One of the main activities seems to be food, as a number of his questions related to the topic.

“I’m a decent at-home cook,” he added. “I will eat anything that looks good, I was a vegetarian for five years.”

Gavin and Gwen married in 2002 after getting together in 1995. They have three sons, Kingston, eight, Zuma, six and Apollo, 11 months and his spouse recently got teary eyed when talking about their little family unit.

“If I look back on the whole thing the one thing that's been constant is that we both want the same thing," the 45-year-old told the Today show, before welling up. “We both want to be married. We both want to be good parents, and so I feel really proud of what we've done together and that we don't...You're gonna get me crying, no don't, I'm going to get all emotional! But I am really proud of it.”

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