Gaza conflict by the numbers

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29 August 2014

The conflict in Gaza has caused utter destruction and the death of over 2100 people. A ceasefire on Tuesday ended the battle between Israel and Hamas.

Seven weeks of war in Gaza killed more than 2,100 people and and left the territory's infrastructure in tatters and tens of thousands of Palestinians displaced.

The conflict that began on July 8 ended with a ceasefire on Tuesday between Israel and Hamas, the main power in the besieged coastal territory.

Here is a summary of the main statistics of the war:


In Gaza, 2,143 Palestinians were killed, the health ministry said, nearly 70 percent of them civilians.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) put the figure at 2,104, including 1,462 civilians and 265 members of militant groups.

Some 495 children were among the dead, as well as 253 women and around 200 elderly people, in the deadliest Gaza conflict in a decade.

The Gaza-based Islamic Jihad group said 121 of its fighters were killed. Israel's army has said it killed at least 900 militants in combat.

Militants executed an additional 25 people accused of collaborating with Israel, OCHA said.

On the Israeli side, six civilians were killed, including a four-year-old boy and a Thai farm worker.

And 65 soldiers were killed, all of them after the ground offensive began on July 17. Five died in "friendly fire" incidents, the army said.

The military losses were Israel's heaviest since its 2006 war against Shiite militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Among 10,224 Palestinians wounded, there were 3,106 children "injured or maimed," UN children's fund UNICEF says.

Up to 1,000 of them will have a permanent disability, according to OCHA estimates.


During the conflict, the number of Palestinians displaced by fighting reached over 500,000, the UN says -- some 28 percent of Gaza's population of 1.8 million.

More than 300,000 moved to UN shelters, the UN Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) said.

At least 108,000 will remain displaced in the long term because of damage to their homes in Israeli air strikes and shelling.

In Israel, up to 28,000 residents of communities close to the Gaza border left their homes for fear of rocket fire.


Gaza militants fired 4,591 rockets or mortar rounds, an Israeli army spokeswoman said. Of those, 3,659 hit Israel, most of them without causing any casualties or damage, and 735 were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system.

The rockets reached as far as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Hadera in the north.

The army said it struck 5,226 targets in Gaza, with air strikes, shelling or tank fire.

It said it destroyed more than 3,000 rockets and razed at least 32 cross-border tunnels used by militants to attack Israel.


Some 18,000 homes in Gaza were destroyed or severely damaged, the UN says.

At least 244 schools (including 75 belonging to UNRWA and 140 run by the Gaza government) were damaged, among them 25 which were entirely destroyed or severely damaged.

Three UNRWA schools were used by armed groups to store rockets.

One Palestinian government school was used by Israeli forces as a base.

Two Israeli schools were damaged by Palestinian rocket fire, UNICEF says.

The World Health Organisation said 51 percent of Gaza's hospitals and clinics were damaged, and 27 percent had to close because of damage or security concerns.


Some 5,562 trucks carrying humanitarian aid reached Gaza during the war, according to defence ministry figures, including more than 4 million litres (880,000 gallons) of fuel for Gaza's sole power station, which was bombed.

At least 4,757 tonnes of gas was brought in for domestic use.


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