Generations’ Ntsiki spills the beans

By admin
25 January 2013

Pamela Nomvete opens up about her past and how soapie success stifled her

She was TV’s ultimate super-bitch: power-hungry, manipulative and deadly. Fans more than loved to hate Generations’ Ntsiki Lukhele – they relished it.

But beneath the tough-as-nails character we saw on TV was a woman in hell, battling demons that led to a spectacular fall from grace and resulted in her living in her car and selling her clothes for food and cigarettes.

Pamela Nomvete (49) has come clean about her life at the height of her fame and after Generations in her explosive memoir, Dancing to the Beat of the Drum: In Search of My Spiritual Home.

“I wanted to tell the truth so people will finally know what happened to me,” Pamela tells us from Britain, where she stars in the popular soapie Coronation Street. “I thought there would be mixed reactions from my Generations fans but so far the response has been very positive.”

The process was liberating, she adds. “Reliving some things, such as my dad’s passing, was difficult, but writing was cathartic. I’m no longer that person I describe in the book. I’m proof you can indeed turn the negative into positives.”

Read more of Eddie Maluleke Kalili’s interview with Pamela in YOU 31 January 2013.

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