George Clooney is red carpet ready in 30 minutes

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29 February 2016

George Clooney doesn't get ready for an awards ceremony until the last possible minute, so he can finish playing basketball.

The 54-year-old always looks dapper on the red carpet, especially with beautiful wife Amal on his arm, but while it takes his spouse hours to get ready, he has a more laid back approach.

"It's a difficult thing when you're a woman trying to get ready for a ceremony because it has to be a dress nobody else has worn and hair and make-up has to be right and I'm playing basketball until half an hour before we have to go,“ he laughed to British newspaper The Telegraph. “It’s really not fair on her.”

However it won't stop the pair from putting their best designer threads on to attend the 88th Academy Awards, which take place on Sunday evening.

This year's ceremony has faced a lot of criticism, after the Academy failed to nominate any African-Americans in any of the major categories for the second year running.

While George believes more needs to be done regarding diversity, he admits he is guilty of hiring mostly white actors for the five films he has directed in his career so far.

"Chris Rock (Sunday's Oscars host) said he didn’t recognise anybody who greenlights films, that (none of them) looks like him, and that is where we are at and I think that is the most important part," he continued. "I brought this up and someone said, 'Well, you haven't directed films with African-Americans in the lead' and that's true, but four out of the five films I’ve directed have been historical films and you can't really change the race of those people. (But) it's good the Academy is bringing in more diversity and they should and we all agree they need to pay more attention to that."

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