George Clooney 'played grandfather figure on ER set'

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02 November 2015

George Clooney acted like a grandfather on the set of ER, according to his former co-star.

Noah Wyle appeared opposite the Hollywood hunk in the TV series that made him famous, with the pair forming a close friendship during filming. Years on Noah is still in contact with 54-year-old George, though their relationship is a lot different now to how it used to be.

"Were George and I competitive?" Noah (44) mused to Britain's Closer magazine. "He was like a grandfather to me... Please print that! During ER, he was like an older brother who corrupted me with alcohol.

'We check in with each other every few months'

"I still speak to George, we texted the other day. I said: 'Hey buddy, thinking about you.' He wrote back: 'Married, working and I'm healthy. What's to complain about?' When my daughter was born, he called me a baby machine. That was a fun exchange! We check in with each other every few months."

While George is still heavily in the limelight, Noah admits he's happier behind the scenes. He's still busy with TV shows such as Falling Skies and The Librarians, but the star is relieved the press don't pay as much attention anymore.

Noah insists that it's all thanks to George that he's managed to forge a path for himself in the world of acting. "I am very grateful to George and our (ER) co-stars Eriq La Salle and Tony Edwards," he added. "I probably would have gone off the rails if I hadn't had them to help me navigate that really confusing period of time. Though when I was in a scene with George, Tony and Eriq, I did everything I could to steal it from them - and I did, frequently - but that's just healthy professionalism."

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