George saves Amal from embarrasing stumble at Cannes

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13 May 2016

George Clooney was the perfect gent at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday when he came to his wife's aid as she appeared to stumble up the event's famous red steps prior to the Money Monster premiere.

Amal Clooney seemed to struggle in her Versace gown at her first Cannes, and her husband had to rescue her from an embarrassing style blunder outside the Palais des Festivals.

George helped steady the lawyer after she appeared to trip and then called in escorts to aid his wife, and make sure she was all grace and elegance on the red carpet.

The actor's co-star Julia Roberts decided the famous stairs were too much for her in heels and opted instead to climb the steps barefoot. Like Amal, it was her first Cannes, and she clearly wanted to be remembered for making a bold move, and not a misstep.

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Julia recently told InStyle magazine she was nervous about her film festival debut, explaining, "Have you ever watched it on television? It looks terrifying.

"It looks as scary as someone saying, 'OK, so this is the position that you're going to play in the Super Bowl for 2017!' I've kind of avoided it... It seems like you have to walk a very long distance and then a lot of stairs."

But what began cautiously ended triumphantly, as Money Monster received a four-minute standing ovation following the premiere.

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Director Jodie Foster and Roberts were visibly moved by the warm reception to the financial thriller, in which Clooney portrays a TV investment pundit held hostage on-air by an angry investor, played by Jack O'Connell.

Money Monster opens in the U.S. on Friday.

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