German mom admits to killing her newborn babies – but can't remember how many she smothered

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15 July 2016

Andrea Goeppner stands accused of killing four newborn babies, after the bodies of eight were discovered hidden around her home.

Last year, the remains of eight newborn babies were found hidden in plastic packets and containers in a home in the village of Wallenfels in the southeastern province of Bavaria, Germany. Andrea Goeppner (45), whom neighbours described as a “nice woman” says she can’t remember how many of her babies she killed between 2003 and 2013. “It could have been two, three or four," she recently told a court.

Andrea stands charged with four out of a possible eight murders. One of the babies was clearly stillborn, but the corpses of the others were too decayed to establish whether they had survived birth. According to her, all eight babies were born when she was alone in her home. Andrea is believed to have wrapped the babies in nappies and smothered them as soon as they began moving or crying. After that she placed the infants in a plastic bag or containers and hid them about the house.

According to the State, she did not want more children, but neglected to use any form of birth control. "She sought simply to remain sexually active without any thought about the consequences or the value of a newborn child," the prosecutor said.

Andrea and her husband already had two children each before they got married, and three children who survived were born of their marriage. Read more: Teenage girl ‘caught with dead baby’s body in shopping bag’ while shoplifting Her husband, Johann Goeppner (55), stands accused as an accomplice to murder because he did nothing to prevent the killings. The State maintains he must have known about Andrea’s pregnancies, and could have done something to stop her falling pregnant. "Through his inaction, he encouraged the accused, Andrea Goeppner, in all the cases," the prosecutor said.

According to reports, Johann left their home in October 2015. A month later a resident of the block of flats found the corpse of a baby in her flat after Andrea had spoken about “hidden bodies” during a drunken conversation. The police were called and made the gruesome discovery of more corpses.

During his appearance in court on Tuesday, Johann branded his wife a compulsive liar and shopaholic who stole from her mother and children. Judgement is expected to be delivered on Wednesday, 20 July.

In 2008, dental assistant Sabine Hilschenz (42) was found guilty of the murder of eight children. In fact, nine of her children – two sons and seven daughters – were found dead, but the period in which she could have been charged with the murder of her first child had expired.

She hid the corpses in pot-plants, buckets and an old fish tank in her home. She blamed isolation and alcoholism for the murders.

Monika Halbe (44) also killed two of her babies, born in 1988 and 2003. Like the Sabine Hilschenz case, she also killed a third child but the period in which she could have been charged with that murder had expired.

For decades she hid the corpses under pizzas in a freezer in the cellar of her house. They were discovered by two of her kids when they decided to clean the freezer and get rid of food that was past its sell-by date.

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