Get the lowdown on Ross Jack

By admin
09 May 2014

He’s blown us away with his track Babylon. We bring you more on the 27-year old singer.

  • He digs all the love he gets from fans on Facebook and Twitter. ‘‘I love the fact that I can literally meet people and fans in a way that would never have been possible without social media. I can’t say there is anything I really hate except that social media does have to be approached with an element of caution.’’
  • He doesn’t Google himself. ‘‘I’m hoping there’s nothing too crazy out there though, that would suck. As I’m kind of a private person.’’
  • Flying is one of his his greatest fears. “I’m really not a fan of it,’’ he says.
  • He tries to be an unselfish guy. ‘‘I think we can all be selfish in our own ways, for me sometimes I need to remind myself that I’m blessed and shouldn’t always be thinking about my own success or problems. I don’t like selfishness and unkind behaviour in myself or others.’’
  • The song he would like to be remembered by is It’s All A Dream from his debut album Notes From The Wild.
  • Ross says most people are pretty surprised when they find out that he’s really into sports and follow it religiously. ‘‘For some reason I’m told that I don’t look like I could be into sports.’’

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