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By admin
07 January 2015

There’s nothing better than tucking into food which is healthy AND tastes good. After binging over Christmas many of us are planning to leave the calorific snacks behind in favour of more fresh produce, but will all of us be eating it in the healthiest way?

Here we list some foods which could be ruined if eaten the wrong way.

Sweet potatoes

Swapping normal fries for sweet potato fries makes the meal better for you, right? Wrong! This is the worst way to eat the orange veg as frying them adds calories and fat, which you can often taste while munching away. If you want to get the most out of sweet potatoes without jeopardizing your wellbeing try boiling them and transforming them into mash; you can hold back on the butter as they’re naturally sweet, just add a bit of seasoning. Or you could steam chunks or even pop them in the oven to bake with spray oil to give them a slight crisp finish.


Beans beans, they’re good for your heart… as the saying goes. And they certainly are with all the fibre and low-fat properties, as well as being a cheap and easy ingredient to add to your weekly shop. Though take a good look at the beans you’re buying in the shop, you may pick up a can lined with the chemical BPA. It’s been linked to all sorts of problems, including heart disease, cancer and early puberty, so be wary of your purchases.

Soaking, boiling and making your own beans is the best way to go about things if you can as canned ones also contain high levels of sodium.

Dried fruit

Whether eaten as a snack or a part of your cereal, dried fruits sure fill you up. And they are definitely the better option when looking for a sweet treat, but not when covered in sugar. When picking up a pack of raisins, dried apricots or dried cranberries go for those without added sugars; you don’t really need it as they are naturally sweet. Study the ingredients on the packet and look properly at the actual fruit before throwing 500g into your basket then realising they’re the wrong ones.


Sweet, crunchy and satisfying, yes the humble apple works wonders in keeping you full for a long period. They’re full of vitamins and minerals, mostly found in the peel, and are one of your daily recommended servings of fruit and veg.

Organic apples are the freshest and most natural, whereas others have been packed full of pesticides and had their flavour enhanced by who knows what.

The same goes for all fruit and veg – stick to those which are untouched so you’ll reap the natural benefits.

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