Get your kids excited about science

By admin
23 May 2014

Don’t leave all the exciting science experiments to your child’s teacher. With this fantastic website, you can have great fun at home and get your kids excited about this important subject.

Steve Spangler Science one of the largest libraries of hands-on science experiments, science fair projects, professional demonstrations, and science videos available online today.

By providing your name and email address you’ll immediately receive free access to the Spangler Experiment Library and a complimentary subscription to their Experiment of the Week email featuring a new hands-on kitchen science experiment and Sick Science!™ video each week.

The website organises its resources according to categories like:

  • Plants and animals
  • Magnetism
  • Light and sound
  • Colour
  • Density
  • Energy

You can find countless experiments, resources and videos that will keep you and your kids busy for hours.

The videos (like this one below) aren’t only loads of fun, but also teach scientific principles.

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