Getting spiritual! Taylor Lautner loves incense

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07 August 2014

Taylor Lautner collects scented candles.

Taylor Lautner collects scented candles.

The 22-year-old hunk is best known for showing off his muscles as werewolf Jacob in the Twilight franchise. But while he might appear the typical alpha male, he actually has a penchant for sweet-smelling things. "I don't meditate but I do love my incense," he opened up to British newspaper Metro when asked if he follows any new-age fads. "It didn't know it was considered new age. I have a wide variety of scented candles and love sandalwood incense."

‘I have a wide variety of scented candles and love sandalwood incense.’

These days the star is trying some new kinds of roles, such as hippy character Dale in UK BBC show Cuckoo. He's also taking a leading role in drama Run the Tide.

However, loyal fans will always remember Taylor as the loveable werewolf.

"There are still some random screams - it depends where you're hanging out," he admitted when asked if fans still mob him. "The screaming tends to happen when they expect to see you at an event and there's a crowd.

"When they don't expect to see you, it's a bit more emotional - that's when you get your criers. There was a fan waiting outside my hotel in London for the entire time I was filming Cuckoo. Just about every time I'd come home from work, no matter what time, she was there. She was extremely passionate."

Taylor used to be unsure of how to deal with such persistent fans, but has now realised it's "amazing" to feel that level of support.

He also cleared up rumours he's set to star in the Power Rangers film, insisting "there's no truth to that".

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