Getting to know the 'spicy' Durban chef who stole our hearts

By Pam Magwaza
08 March 2017

This 41-year-old owns a restaurant in Durban, is a local comedian and has the voice of an angel -- which is why we thought everyone needs to know the lady behind the video a little better.

Anasia Govender has become an internet sensation practically overnight with her ‘spicy’ Ed Sheeran cover, going viral with over 60 000 shares on Facebook.

This 41-year-old owns a restaurant in Durban, is a local comedian and has the voice of an angel -- which is why we thought everyone needs to know the lady behind the video a little better.

When did you open your restaurant and what inspired you to open it?

The restaurant opened in July 2012 and retrenchment was my inspiration... I actually refused to go back to work as there was a burning desire to be on stage doing what I love. I saw an 8 - 5 job as a hindrance to my passion so my hubby opened the restaurant for me so that I'd work flexible hours which would allow me to pursue my dreams.

We know that you’re an entrepreneur, comedian and singer. Do you have other hidden talents that we should know about

I am actually the curry chef at our restaurant, and was just thrown into the deep end a week before we were due to open when the chef we hired couldn't make it. The real challenge for me apart from the fact that I had never prepared such large quantities before, was that I was also a vegetarian at the time and was unable to taste the food I was cooking. But I persevered.

How have you felt about the overwhelming response to your video? Have more people come to your restaurant?

Overwhelmed! Gobsmacked! It's been surreal. We are now getting around 10 times more customers. My husband Satha and I are very grateful for the increased footfall at the restaurant as well as the love and well wishes that have been pouring in.

How long have you been working as a comedian?

I've been an MC for over 20 years and I also do accents so I would do little skits at events to entertain guests. The Indian accent became increasingly popular until I would MC as Annalakshmi (my alter ego) and the comedy started about two years ago, unintentionally.

What are your aspirations for your future in both business and your career?

I want to expand the business. With my career, I will just see where it takes me. I love singing, acting and just entertaining people and taking them to a happy place. I'm open to receiving opportunities to keep performing my craft in different innovative ways. Also, I would love to work with the youth. Comedy and music are wonderful tools to build confidence and self-esteem.

You sing really well! Would you ever enter Idols or something like that if you were given the chance?

Not really.  I'm 41 already. And besides, I haven't mastered the art of being omnipresent just yet...

Biggest fear?


What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

If I'm not singing along to the song on the radio I think only about what I want. Think it. Believe it. Achieve it.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I have an alter ego that I do comedy through and the Indian national accent is pretty convincing. Someone came up to me for an autograph and my address in India so that they could visit me... lol.  I had to explain that I'm African. Local is lekker.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

I love Wonder Woman and how she looks in those gorgeous dresses so just a high metabolism will do for now.

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