Girl gets instant revenge on boyfriend after her rejects her on a kiss cam!

By Pam Magwaza
01 June 2017

He completely ignored her!


Kiss cams have long been one of the most, er, romantic things that can take place at a sports game.

But for one of the couples in a kiss cam video taken at a basketball game at the Philips Arena in Atlanta in the US, things escalated very quickly when the boyfriend chose to ignore his girlfriend when the cam landed on them.

At first the man, who seems all too focused on his beer, doesn't notice he and his ladylove are on camera. But when his girlfriend nudges him, he looks up -- and continues to drink his beer, giving her a clear indication that he is not interested in publically displaying his affection for her.

But she wasn't going to take his snub lying down. Footage shows the woman casually shrug her shoulders and nudge the guy on her left, who seems far happier to oblige. She and the stranger share a good snog -- right in front of her boyfriend.

The boyfriend, of course, becomes infuriated by this -- so much so that he immediately gets up and stalks off. His girlfriend remains non-plussed.

Um, relationship over?

Watch the cringe-worthy video below:

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