Girl injured by boat propeller in Langebaan lagoon

By News24 Wire
28 February 2017

A 10-year-old girl was admitted to the Vredenburg Hospital on Sunday after being hit by the propeller of a rubber duck in Langebaan Lagoon.

She had been helping her father and brother lift a yacht which had become stuck on a sand bank at the Mykonos Harbour entrance.

"Two private rubber-ducks had gone to help by rigging ropes to the bow and side of the yacht, in an attempt to lift the keel out of the sand," the NSRI said in a statement.

The rubber ducks managed to pull the yacht free, but, according to witnesses, the family were thrown off their one. The NSRI said the rubber duck might not have had a kill switch, which resulted in it circling the three people in the water at full power.

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"It ran over the girl, causing cuts to her left arm and both legs."

A 4,2 m craft tried to push the other rubber duck away from the three in the water. However, this craft was damaged and the NSRI’s rescue runner had to tow it back to the harbour.

Then a bigger rubber duck purposefully collided with the out-of-control boat to push it off course. A man on a jet-ski also tried to help.

The swell eventually pushed the damaged boat onto the beach, where a member of the public boarded it and drove it back into the harbour.

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An NSRI craft took the father and his daughter to the Mykonos Harbour, while the son was picked up by the yacht which had been towed clear of the sand bank.

On arrival at the jetty, a first aider and two NSRI paramedics helped the girl. She was taken to Vredenburg Hospital in a serious, but stable, condition. The father and son were unhurt.


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