Girlfriend 'pranks' her man by hiding something truly terrifying in his toasted sandwich

By Kim Abrahams
09 June 2017

Okay, this is definitely grounds for a break-up...

When it comes to pranks, there's a fine line between light-hearted jokes and downright cruel.

Unfortunately, this situation is the latter.

A girlfriend thought it would be hilarious to make her boyfriend a toasted cheese sandwich -- with a dead tarantula inside.

Kirsty Matthews, from Dudley, a town in the West Midlands of England, broke the arachnid into pieces and spread it over boyfriend Daniel Brookes’ melted cheese toastie.

spider prank 3

In a video recorded by Kirsty, Daniel sits down to enjoy his cheesy sandwich, unaware of what he’s about to bite into.

He notices something odd in the sandwich and inspects. Horrified, he screams and jumps away from the cheese ensemble after seeing the dead arachnid.

But it was all laughs afterwards as the spider was an edible zebra tarantula.

spider prank

The couple, who regularly play pranks on each other, shared the video on their Facebook page, Crazy Kids.

Some viewers found it hilarious, expressing their opinion with multiple laughing emojis.


Others expressed their disapproval, calling Kirsty ‘cruel’.

“That’s not funny… vile,” one wrote, while another commented, “I would never recover.”


Our feeling exactly.


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