Girl's drawings reveal horrifying story of molestation

By Mieke Vlok
21 October 2016

The little girl's drawings showed the awful things a priest was doing to her.

A couple from the town of Montes Claros in eastern Brazil discovered that their five-year-old daughter was being sexually molested when they found upsetting drawings in her bedroom.

The girl’s parents started worrying when she complained that she no longer wanted to go for her English lessons, which were given by a priest.

She also became shy and afraid of men – even her father, according to the Brazilian news website Globo.

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A therapist advised the parents to look for clues in her bedroom. Her parents did so and made an upsetting discovery – drawings showing a child being abused.

In both sketches a large figure was bent over a small figure that had a sad, pained expression on its face.

Meanwhile the priest, who's 54 according to reports, has handed himself over to the police and confessed to the crimes. He’s being investigated for alleged sexual abuse and has been suspended from his religious duties.

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Sources: Elite Daily, Globo, Daily Mail.

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