Gita, 7de Laan’s vile vixen

By admin
16 August 2012

At 6.30 pm every weeknight she gets going, destroying lives, plotting murder and ruthlessly stealing other’s partners. And Gita of 7de Laan does it all with a sly smile. 

Now incensed viewers have decided enough is enough. Her evil scheming has so enraged fans of the show that one confronted Jo da Silva – the actress who plays Gita – and called her a child of Satan.

“I’ve stopped watching 7de Laan and have stopped my son from watching too,” a reader wrote to YOU recently. “The way the storyline is going is teaching young people that if you do wrong you get rewarded.”

Another says, “Gita must go! It’s no longer a family programme because she gets away with everything that’s bad.”

And we’re not the only ones receiving angry letters, e-mails and phone calls. The soap’s producers are being bombarded with complaints.

“We’ve been getting an abnormally high number of complaints about Gita. The viewers are furious with her and with the fact she gets away with so much evil,” 7de Laan spokesperson Liby Nel says. “We’re astonished viewers are reacting so strongly to her.”

YOU’s Joshua Carstens takes a look at why people react so strongly to soapie villains and lists the nastiest vixens ever to make other soap characters’ lives a misery. Read more in YOU 23 August 2012.

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