Globetrotter makes SA proud

By admin
06 June 2013

Travelling Unplugged, a new 24-episode TV series, shares the adventures and thrills experienced by South African Byron Taylor as he travelled around the world for a year.

At the age of 17, after completing high school, South African Byron Taylor embarked on an epic journey to conquer the world with his hand-held video camera and some hard-earned cash he’d saved up.

With his trusty camera he captured moments across the globe, from Australia to England, Ireland, Scotland, Kuala Lumpur, Italy, Dubai, India and more.

“We are all travellers on Earth, on the epic journey called life!” says Byron. His gap year has now turned into an international TV series, Travelling Unplugged, that’s currently airing on our screens.

Travelling Unplugged embraces life, immersing viewers in all the world has to offer and sharing all Byron’s amazing experiences.

No stranger to the camera or to film-making, Byron (now 27) has been in several international feature films and was one of several young kid presenters on youth entertainment show Yo.TV. He even scooped an award from People Magazine for Best Youth Television Presenter.

The series took eight years to produce and airs on TopTV (episode 8 will air on Monday 10 June).

Check out the trailer!

-Faiza Mallick


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