Going up - to the top!

By admin
29 April 2011

Esmaré Weideman is moving into one of the top media positions in SA.

In future the editor-in-chief of YOU, Huisgenoot and Drum will also be responsible for Media24’s many other magazines and newspapers and its book, printing distribution businesses.

As CEO of Media24 she’ll be one of the most influential figures in local journalism. No SA woman has held such a powerful media position before – but she thrives on challenges.

Esmaré is a veteran of the turbulent political and journalistic environment of the late ’80s, first as a writer at Finansies & Tegniek magazine and later as a political writer at The Star in Johannesburg.

She started working at Drum in 1995, became assistant editor of Fair Lady and in 2001 was made editor of YOU. A year later became the youngest ever editor of YOU’s sister magazine, Huisgenoot, and the first woman to at its helm in its more than 90 years of publication.

While other magazines lost ground she ensured Huisgenoot and YOU remained successful and that Drum blossomed. Today the three titles boast combined weekly sales of more than 600 000 and readership of about eight million.

The most ominous challenge she could face as a media boss is a threat to media freedom – and she insists she won’t shy from it. She believes there’s room for a closer relationship between the media and government.

‘‘Sometimes the media deserve the criticism they get. We can’t claim the high ground on ethics and transparency if we don’t keep our house in order.

‘‘Yes, we have huge problems in this country and sometimes the violence, corruption and racism are scary. But then you see stuff that makes you unbelievably proud and excited. We need to take hands at grassroots level and solve the problems ourselves.’’

Use the tag reader app to snap the tag in YOU, 5 May 2011, with your phone to see Esmaré talk about her time at YOU. Get the app at http://gettag.mobi. Instructions at www.you.co.za

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