Good read: Of Cops and Robbers by Mike Nicol

By admin
27 September 2013

A riveting read that will keep you turning the pages late into the night

Dashing blond surfer and private eye Fish Pescado and his girlfriend, attorney and gambling addict Vicki Kahn, are on a mission to find the culprit who killed a young onlooker during an illegal drag race in the streets of Cape Town. In the process they uncover a nest of murder and corruption that stretches back to the ’70s. Thrown into the mix is an ex-police boss who also happens to be a paedophile and smuggler and has ties with organised crime, a sinister fixer who sorts out tricky situations with his gun, a blundering drug dealer and a whole bunch of other fascinating minor characters. Outrageous, deeply disturbing and also at turns unexpectedly funny, this book shows how the lines between police and criminals can become blurred. If you read carefully you’ll notice clues that point to real-life personalities. There are also many musical references in the book – and you’ll be able to listen to the actual recordings afterwards as the comprehensive author’s note tells you where to find them on the internet. A clever and entertaining read. This was my first taste of Nicol’s crime writing – and I can’t wait to read more. Rating 4/5. *R175,89

- Joan van Zyl

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