Gooseberry pudding

By admin
01 August 2013

Do you have a sweet tooth and a weakness for gooseberries? Then try this easy recipe.

By Alida van der Walt 01 August 2013 YOU Winner

Preparation time: 5 min

Baking time: 25-30 min

Serves 4-6

500 g gooseberries

60 ml (1/4 c) brown sugar

45 ml (3 T) lukewarm water

60 ml (1/4 c) butter

60 ml (1/4 c) caster sugar

1 egg

250 ml (1 c) self-raising flour, sifted

1 ml (1/4 t) salt

125 ml (1/2) milk

Pre-heat the oven to 180 °C. Grease a 20 cm x 20 cm ovenproof dish with foodspray.

1       Line the bottom of the dish with the gooseberries.

2       Dissolve the brown sugar in the water and pour it over the berries.

3       Cream the butter and caster sugar until fluffy, add the egg and whisk until combined with the butter.

4       Add the flour and salt alternating with the milk and beat well.

5       Pour over the gooseberries and bake for 25-30 min, until the crust is golden brown. Serve with cream, ice cream or custard.

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