Gordon and Nataniël are at it again

By Kirstin Buick
23 August 2013

You’ve got to wonder whether it’s an act – the jibes flying between Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay and entertainer Nataniël seem all too sincere in the new Checkers ad!

While Gordon samples some of the supermarket’s cheese and wine offerings, Nataniël seems to be having a fantastic time making snide comments in Afrikaans  – which obviously go straight over the Scotsman’s head.

“You don’t need 10 Michelin stars to know that Checkers’ cheese is the best,” Nataniël quips.

“What was that?” Michelin-starred chef Gordon asks.

“I’m just welcoming you to our country,” Nataniël responds innocently, with a covert roll of his eyes.

After the success of the first Nataniël vs Gordon ad, Checkers was quick to arrange another.

"The response has been incredible so far,” says Neil Schreuder, marketing director of Checkers. “In spite of the obvious differences between Ramsay and Nataniël on camera, they actually get on very well!”

“The first ad was viewed over 200 000 times online before it even aired on television and I expect the new ad will create an even bigger stir!”

Watch it here:

-Kirstin Buick

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