Gossip Girl star accused of 'kidnapping'

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10 August 2015

Kelly Rutherford has been reprimanded for “kidnapping” her children.

The Gossip Girl actress was legally obligated to return her son Hermés, eight, and daughter Helena, six, to their father Daniel Giersch last week, but she declined to do so.

Her ex-husband Daniel has been living in Monaco with the kids for several years, but a judge in the principality, which currently has jurisdiction over the feuding parents’ custody case, awarded Kelly with the opportunity to spend time with the tots in the US for the summer.

'Kelly has now added child abduction to extortion and false statements on her list of actions'

And Kelly’s decision to keep the kids with her in America past the date they were due to go home to their dad has Daniel up in arms.

"Daniel will continue to protect the children from any harm and any media exposure. Unfortunately Kelly has now added child abduction to extortion and false statements on her list of actions,” Daniel’s lawyer Fahi Takesh Hallin revealed in a statement to E! News. “Daniel will make sure that the children's safety and well being will be restored as soon as possible. He is very concerned about the traumatic impact that Kelly's behaviour will have on the children. Kelly was to have delivered the children in France to their father on August 7, 2015. Child abduction is a crime, and everyone involved in kidnapping or abducting the children will face the appropriate legal consequences. Anyone associating themselves with Kelly and her abduction is violating the law."

Last Friday Kelly discussed the reasoning behind why she chose to keep the children by her side.

The star has recently lost two major court battles in the US, as both the states of California and New York revoked jurisdiction over the family matter, which means America currently has no legal say in the fate of her parental custody.

"These past three years waiting for my children to come home have been very difficult," Kelly wrote in a statement to E! "My children were forced to leave the United States in 2012 when they were only two and five years old. In May, a judge in California gave me sole custody and brought them home. I am immensely grateful and overjoyed to have them back. Since May, however, the court proceedings have been very confusing.

“Hence, I have decided that I cannot lawfully send my children away from the United States to live in a foreign country.”

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