Got some free time on your hands? Check out these popular gaming apps

By admin
26 December 2013

Gaming has become mobile in the last couple years thanks to the evolution of great apps for both iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung).


It doesn’t mean the end of the console, but it certainly changes the dynamics with mindless entertainment being at your fingertips rather than in your living room.

We look at the five most successful and popular gaming apps for this year. So if you have some time to while away, best get downloading – they’re all free.

Candy Crush Saga

This addictive puzzle game has been on top of the charts for some time now. And it’s no wonder – it’s been downloaded more than 500 million times since it launched last year. The game was initially a website game that took on a life of it’s own after it became available as a game on Facebook. It’s believed the owners of the app make at least $3 million a day!

Game play: It’s a basic “match three of a kind” game where you’re expected to swop candies around to eliminate them. Swopping more than three candies creates special ones that can eliminate a whole lot of candies all at once.

But the levels become increasingly difficult - as you progress you could either give up or kill yourself trying!

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

This was initially launched on consoles before making an appearance on mobile apps. It’s been one of the most popular this year after the success of Plants vs Zombies on both PC and handheld devices. The game was launched in 2009. The latest console version Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is a multiplayer game that offers loads more fun.

Game play: It’s a strategy game where you’re expected to shoot at a steady stream of zombies that are about to attack your home and eat your brain! All you have for defence are your plants – who can do a number of things like shoot peas or explode.

It's loads of fun!

Clash of Clans

Finnish gaming company Supercell owns both Clash of Clans and Hay Day – two games who make this list some of the best games this year. And their $3 billion company is what they have to show for their tenacity in building games people keep coming back for.

Game play: It’s a strategy game similar to Sims (that popular PC game where you have to build your own community). You’re expected to do the same here, except the community is made up of troops that you have to train to fight. You earn gold and can buy gems to advance in the game much quicker.

Hay Day

This game was first introduced to iPhone users before it became available to Android. It’s similar to the popular Facebook game FarmVille, where you owned your own little farm.

Game play: You own your own farm complete with all kinds of animals. You’re expected to rear the animals, build bakeries and plants and sell produce. Like with all freemium games (free games that you can purchase extras for), you get move along much quicker if you’re willing to spend some money. Coins and diamonds are your currency and you often have to spend some money to accrue diamonds.

Pet Rescue Saga

The makers of Candy Crush released this new puzzle game launched this game in June this year. It has the same idea of Candy Crush – you have to rescue pets – ranging from puppies to bunnies – who are being threatened by evil pet snatchers.

Game play: Also a “match three or more of its kind” play. There are 312 levels to this game, and like Candy Crush, becomes more difficult as you keep going. You earn coins as currency and have five lives that are replenished at intervals.

- Gilda Narsimdas

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