Granna stealing your man since 1928

By admin
04 May 2014

Baddie Winkle has over 72 000 followers on Instagram, due to her creative photos and zany personality.

Remember Johnny Knoxville’s hilarious antics in the Jackass flick Bad Grandpa last year, well there’s now a real-life Bad Grandma!

Baddie Winkle (yes that’s her name) from Williamstown, Kentucky, in the USA, has become an Internet sensation thanks to her wacky Instagram account where she introduces herself as Granna – stealing your man since 1928.

On it she posts age-defying photos such as herself in colourful clothing with zany slogans or hoola-hooping or even popping pills. Her hilarious captions include “Why twerk when you can hoola hoop?” and “Pop lock and drop it in.”

Not surprisingly the 86-year-old great-grandmother has built up a cult following and she’s now begun a campaign to get invited onto the Ellen Degeneres chat show. Judging by these photos, we’d love to see her interviewed!

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