Grant Nash becomes Cove Guardian

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13 February 2013

Grant Nash just landed in Taiji, Japan where he is to work as a Cove Guardian for non-profit organisation.

Former 5FM DJ Grant Nash is more than a vegan tree-hugger.

The Buddhist presenter has literally just landed in Taiji, Japan where he is to work as a Cove Guardian for non-profit organisation Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for a month. Grant has kept his visit under wraps fearful of being turned away by the Japanese government on his arrival, but reports that he landed safely and raring to go.

If you’ve watched the heart-wrenching documentary The Cove, on the annual slaughter of 20,000 dolphins, porpoises and small whales occurs in Japan each year, you’ll know exactly why Grant wanted to become involved. He will be documenting his trip and the activities in Taiji and hoping to create more awareness amongst South Africans.

Starting on September 1st and usually continuing through March of the next year, fishermen herd whole families of small cetaceans into shallow bays and mercilessly stab and drown them to death. This annual slaughter of dolphins was virtually unknown until 2003 when Sea Shepherd globally released covertly-obtained footage and photographs of the now infamous bloody “Cove” in a village called Taiji.

“The Ocean, which covers two thirds of our planet, is an extremely volatile and complicated eco-system. This eco-system thrives and functions on diversity. Once you eliminate an entire species you cause havoc on the biodiversity of the seas. Dolphins are highly intelligent, social animals who communicate and live in complex family units like we do,” Grant says.

The Cove Guardians on the ground put great economic pressure on the government of Japan and the local government of the Taiji region. A great number of Policemen and National Guard are deployed in Taiji to watch their every move.

Much time and effort is put into trying to stop the Cove Guardians from documenting the process. Grant says if there is continued pressure, it will make as a considerable difference.

“Don’t support the captive trade anywhere in the world, especially here at home. I am a scuba diver who has had many direct encounters with wild dolphins; trust me when I say it’s far, far more rewarding than watching them jump through stupid hoops and smacking a ball with their tail.”

Good on you Grant and best of luck!

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