Great news about 7de Laan’s Maria

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13 September 2012

A day after her car was written off in an accident , Themsi Times, was back on set.

On Thursday we shared with you the news about 7de Laan's very popular Maria (Themsi Times) and your response and messages of support on our web and Facebook pages not only touched our hearts, but also that of Themsi. Tom Raath spoke to Themsi to find out how she's doing.

Themsi is still suffering from a lot of pain. “the injections are no longer effective and the pain is very prominent in my ribs and hip," she says. Fortunately she was not scheduled to be on set today. Apart from an excruciating headache she's also boasting huge knobs where she bumped her head.

"I've grown horns," she said, laughingly but soon had to stop as the pain got too much. At least she's got some pain killers at hand should it become unbearable. When told how concerned our readers were for her health she replied: "Thank you so much for all the thoughts, your wonderful messages and prayers. You make me strong . . . God is good."

Themsi, we are so happy to learn you're on the mend - can't wait to see you back on the box again!

A day after her car was written off in an accident on the N1, Themsi Times, who plays the part of Maria in 7de Laan, was back on set.

Themsi was on her way home on Wednesday when her Audi’s left front tyre burst. She stopped her car on the shoulder of the highway and called her son to come and assist her. Barely 15 minutes later, at around 11:45, a woman in a BMW crashed into the back of her parked car.

ER24 had to free her from the wreck and she was taken to the Helen Joseph Hospital by helicopter where X-rays were taken of her head, neck, spine, chest and hips. Fortunately nothing was broken, but her hip was injured and she hasonxtensive bruising to her arm, side and hip. If one looks at the wreck of her car, you realise how lucky she was to have escaped serious injury.

“God protected me,” she said quietly.

People and medical staff at the scene of the accident and at the hospital immediately recognised the popular actor.

“Even while I was lying on the stretcher, people said “it’s Maria from 7de Laan” and took photos of me – the nurses at the hospital, too,” she said perplexed.

The 7de Laan team was extremely grateful to welcome Themsi back on set in one piece.

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