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04 December 2013

Food blogger Mari-Louis Guy and her brother Callie share two delightful recipes for weekend treats.

South Africa’s food community is tight-knit so tight that an outsider could have a tremendous struggle to be a part of the group of top chefs, food editors, food authors and trendsetters. Social media, such as blogging, has made that group more inclusive and winners of reality TV programmes can go from nowhere right to the frontline.

Callie and I always try to pay it forward, trying our best to point newcomers, be they stylists or aspirant cookbook authors, in the right direction.

Recently a publisher remarked that it is unusual for writers such as us to publically promote other authors whose cookbooks are in direct competition with our own in a relatively small market. Our reason for this is simple. We want to make the circle bigger. We believe that by creating a bigger market we can make room for ourselves too to grow. South African cookbooks are generally of extremely good quality and I want to urge readers to buy more of them.

One such person who shares our views on this topic is the very generous food editor of GO! magazine. Aletta Lintvelt is an all-round fantastic woman. One gets the impression she opens doors for others simply by walking into a room.

Go Weekend Food cover

My copy of her book, GO! Weekend Food, is already dog-eared from use. I also love her approach to recipes.

“For me, a recipe is merely a starting point – I allow myself to be led by where I am and what I have at hand . . . almost like a good holiday. That’s why these recipes are filled with tips, so that even beginners can improvise with confidence,” she says.

For those of you who prefer sourcing recipes on the internet, iPad in hand, this is the one book you will want to get in hard copy because the places where you will want to use the book will, hopefully, be far away from electricity or internet signal.

Here are two delicious recipes:

Honey-mustard chipolatas

Makes 8

WEG KOOKBOEK Hoofstuk 3 B.indd

24 small chippolatas

8 thick, fairly straight rosemary sprigs or normal kebab sticks

2 T (30 ml) Dijon wholegrain mustard

4 T (60 ml) honey

4 T (60 ml) olive oil

1. Thread the chipolatas onto the rosemary sprigs or kebab sticks, 3 per sprig or stick, and place them in a dish. (You can use any type of sausage sliced into smaller pieces).

2. Combine the mustard, honey and olive oil and drizzle over the kebabs.

3. Lightly shake the sprigs so most of the marinade remains in the dish. Braai the kebabs on a grill over hot coals until the chipolatas are cooked but still juicy. Baste with the remaining marinade and best enjoyed straight off the grill.

Ouma Hannie’s milk pudding

Serves 6

WEG KOOKBOEK Hoofstuk 6 B.indd

2 eggs, beaten

5 cups milk

300 ml sugar

300 ml cake flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

2 tablespoons butter

1. Preheat the oven to 170 °C. Grease an ovenproof dish with a volume of 2 litres.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine the eggs, milk and sugar. In a separate bowl, combine the flour and baking powder. Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture a little at a time, beating after every addition. 3. Pour the batter into the ovenproof dish, dot with knobs of butter and bake it in the oven for 30 minutes. 4. Turn off the oven and leave the pudding in the oven (without opening the door) and let it cool down for 30 to 45 minutes until set. We eat this pudding at room temperature, but when it’s taken out of the fridge the next day it’s even yummier! Then it tastes just like crustless milk tart. WIN!

NB Publishers is giving away two copies of GO! Weekend Food. QUESTION: What is the first name of the author of GO! Weekend Food. Email your answer with oyur name, postal address and telephone number to by Friday 6 December. You may enter only once. The sponsor will deliver the prizes to the winners.

-MariLouis and Callie

  • Mari-Louis Guy is a freelance food stylist and cookbook author, who, with her brother Callie Maritz, works under the name, Cakebread.

Share your experiences and recipes with her at or find her on facebook at Cakebread = Mari-Louis Guy and Callie Maritz. For bookings and commercial work, contact Callie on 072-784-1226.

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