Griekwastad murders: the boy’s version

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28 September 2012

The teenager charged with the brutal murders faces a gruelling trial – in court and beyond

Doors have been slamming shut one after the other lately for the 16-year-old accused in the Griekwastad family murder trial. His school doesn’t want him back pending the trial and a local teacher who’d been approached to help with tuition wanted nothing to do with him at first.

She said the evidence against him seemed just too damning, a friend of the teenager’s family said in a frank telephone interview from his farm near Kimberley.

He’s supporting the accused through this traumatic time but these are difficult times for the farmer and businessman too.

The boy’s schooling has been sorted out for now thanks to Grey College in Bloemfontein agreeing to help him with distance learning. And after the teen’s predicament had been explained to her, the teacher agreed to help after all.

The farmer talked through her reservations with her and assured her the boy had rational explanations for all the points raised by the state in his bail hearing in the murder trial of Deon (44) and Christel Steenkamp (43) and their 14-year-old daughter, Marthella.

Read more of Herman Scholtz’s interview with the family friend in YOU 4 October 2012.

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