Grilled Halloumi, Beetroot & Pumpkin Seed Salad

03 October 2014

Golden grilled halloumi served on a crisp bed of beetroot and pumpkin seed salad – a colourful and tasty addition to any table!

For the salad you'll need:

2 cups baby spinach leaves

½ cup beetroot; julienned

120 g halloumi; sliced

2 tbsp. Padkos pumpkin seeds

6 mint leaves; torn

For the dressing you'll need:

1 medium lemon; zested and juiced

1 lime; zested and juiced

40 ml extra virgin olive oil

¼ tsp. sugar

Salt to taste

Place all dressing ingredients in a jar with the lid on and shake well. The dressing will emulsify. Set aside. In a Teflon-coated pan, on low heat toast the pumpkin seeds for 30 sec or until they start to brown. Remove and set aside. Cut the halloumi into two bite-sized pieces and heat in the same pan, without any oil until browned on both sides. Arrange spinach leaves on a plate, followed by beetroot and warm halloumi. Top with Padkos pumpkin seeds and mint leaves, torn up. Shake dressing and drizzle over. Serve immediately.

Recipe By: Food24

Recipe Credit: Food and the Fabulous

Photography: Food and the Fabulous

Ingredients: Checkers

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