Groom bitten by rattlesnake while taking wedding photos

By Mieke Vlok
23 June 2016

The whole thing was caught on camera.

Talk about a wedding crasher! A newlywed couple from Colorado in America’s special day was almost ruined when a rattlesnake bit the bridegroom while the couple were posing for photos.

Johnny and Lara Benson were taking photos in a nearby field after their wedding ceremony on 20 June when a rattle snake suddenly bit the groom on his shin.

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“All of a sudden it was like someone kicked me in the shin,” said Johnny to the Denver Post. “Then I looked over and saw the snake sitting there, and it was rattling.” Luckily a wildlife keeper was in the area and could stabilise Johnny and call an ambulance.

Guests were unsettled when the wedding photographer called to say that couple would be late because the groom is on his way to the hospital. The bride apparently walked into the emergency unit in her wedding dress.

“The whole situation was so surreal, and I couldn’t really help in any way except continue to do my job and capture the story of their wedding day,” photographer Maddie Wilbur told Buzzfeed.

She caught the whole affair on camera.

The bite was apparently quite shallow and the snake didn't manage to spit into poison into Johnny’s leg, so he got a few injections and then made it back to the reception in time to enjoy the rest of his big day.

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Sources: Denver Post, BuzzFeed

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