Gruesome cement-mixer accident kills three children

By admin
25 March 2015

Three children were killed in China’s southern Guangdong Province after they’d climbed into a cement-mixer to play.

Somehow, the machine started up when the four children were inside.

The children, between the ages of four and eight, were playing at a recycling workshop in Huizhou, reportedly owned by their father, identified only as Shi.

Shi and his wife had repeatedly warned the children to keep away from the building because it was unsafe, but they often couldn’t resist all the interesting things to play with on the site.

The family’s neighbour, Wang Han (39), heard screams coming from the workshop and called Shi, who immediately unplugged the machine – but it was too late. Shi and other family members used electric equipment to saw open parts of the machine in an attempt to save the children.

Two of the children were declared dead at the scene and a third later died while being treated at hospital.

The machine can only be switched on by activating two switches – one on the mixer and one near the mains switch on the workshop wall. An investigation is underway to determine if the main switch, which is supposed to be out of reach of children, had been left on, or whether the children succeeded in turning it on themselves.

Sources:, The Mirror

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