Guess the supernatural character

By admin
21 October 2014

Attention fans of all things supernatural! Can you guess from the descriptions who these supernatural TV or movie characters are? Answers at bottom of page.

Exhibit A: I am pale, have been around for hundreds of years, drive an awesome Volvo and my father is a doctor.

Exhibit B: I have the most amazing abs known to mankind, live in the woods and likes building up old motorcycles. I’m involved in a love triangle and when I get angry or excited I transform into something big, hairy and scary.

Exhibit C: I am the mirror image of a girl who is at the centre of a love triangle with the same two men I used to date in the 17th century. Freaky!

Exhibit D: I’m so evil, only the brave dare use my real name, I despise muggles and have power over all that is dark in the wizarding world yet a little boy is my biggest nemesis.

Answers: A: Edward Cullen in Twilight; B: Jacob Black in Twilight; C: Katherine in Vampire Diaries; D: Voldemort in Harry Potter

-       Edna Isaacs

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