Gun accident: ex-Bok’s advice to grieving dad

By admin
25 May 2012

Pictured above: Idie

Not even he could tell Centurion father Glenn Boshoff who accidentally shot and killed his eight-year-old daughter, Idie, he knows how he feels – because no one knows.

But Rudie “Vleis” Visagie, the former Springbok lock who experienced a similar tragedy in 2004, would like to say to him, “I’m praying for you and God won’t test you with more than you can cope with.”

A few days after the tragedy Glenn was still too upset to talk to YOU about the incident but his wife, Adéle, told a Sunday newspaper her husband couldn’t forgive himself.

Rudie and his wife, Frieda, walked the same long, hard road after the death of their daughter, Marlé (19).

The hardest thing is to forgive yourself, Rudie says. “It’s much easier to forgive others but the most important thing is to absolve yourself.”

Read more in Alet van Zyl’s article in YOU 31 May 2012.

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