Gwyneth: Some people can't handle me

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26 February 2015

Gwyneth Paltrow has been advised to dumb it down in the past.

The Hollywood actress is known for her movie roles, but also doesn't shy away from discussing personal matters or getting involved with worthy causes.

However, Gwyneth has previously been told to tone it down by people who couldn't handle her strong personality.

'I've been flat-out told to dumb myself down, to dim my light, to shut my mouth'

"I've been flat-out told to dumb myself down, to dim my light, to shut my mouth. Maybe I should have listened to those people," she mused to the British edition of Marie Claire.

One subject that got people talking was her split from husband Chris Martin last year. Instead of calling it a breakup, the Oscar winner labelled it a "conscious uncoupling" and broke the news via her lifestyle website Goop.

Another sticking point for many was when the 42-year-old was quoted as saying raising her children, Apple and Moses, was harder as an actress than a woman with a 9-to-5 office job.

"Of course I understand that I have help, and my experience is easier than someone who doesn't. You have single mothers, no babysitter, working two jobs, and to somehow insinuate I was comparing myself to that just makes me mad, because it's so anti-woman," she fumed.

"I think we are all genuinely doing our best, it's hard to have children and a career, and all some women seem to do is judge other women's choices. I find that demoralising and unhelpful. Where is the wisdom coming out of this situation? I don't see this is getting us anywhere in terms of a cultural discussion."

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