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17 January 2014

Expert advice to make the most of your crowning glory

We all want beautiful and healthy hair but not everyone puts the effort and time in to maintain the process.  Over the years the texture of your hair changes, therefore you need to keep an extra hand on your mane.



Your hair shaft is thinner than that of other hair types. If you have a lot of hair you’re in luck. Fine hair is also more prone to tangling and breaking.

Common mistake

Candice Donadel, owner of Mirrors Hair Lab in Cape Town, says many people with fine hair tend to avoid using conditioner. “Conditioner seals the hair shaft and protects it from the elements.” Don’t tease your hair to create volume – combing it out can result in breakage.



This type of hair can be washed in the morning but look greasy in the root area by sundown. People with oilier scalps are often prone to dandruff.

Common mistake

Tarryn Page, a mobile hairdresser operating in Cape Town, says many people think that not washing their hair every day helps it balance out on its own. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with daily washing provided the product you use has a gentle formula.



A rough cuticle that doesn’t lie flat allows moisture to escape from your hair shaft. It looks a bit dull and is more prone to breaking.

Common mistakes

Overwashing your hair. Page says wash your hair when it feels dirty or your scalp has produced enough oil to make it greasy, not every day or two. Don’t leave in your regular conditioner in the hopes of keeping it hydrated as it creates a build-up.

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