Half the world swamped

By admin
21 January 2011

The blame for the floods that have wreaked havoc in the southern hemisphere – across South America, South Africa and Australia, and further north in Sri Lanka and the Philippines – can be laid at the door of a climate condition known as La Niña, Spanish for little girl. La Niña is the baby sister of an equally sweet-sounding condition known as a little boy, El Niño.

La Niña is responsible for the erratic weather systems experienced worldwide lately and the recent floods have all the typical characteristics of La Niña.

El Niño and La Niña are the result of a natural process that occasionally occurs in the Pacific Ocean. It’s known as the Southern Oscillation and is nature’s way of trying to balance the equator and South Pole’s water and air temperatures.

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CLICK HERE to see extraordinary before and after pictures of the Australian floods.

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