Happiness myths debunked!

By admin
23 January 2014

Turns out you don’t need anything but yourself to be happier than Glee’s Rachel Berry doing a solo!

THERE’S no denying how good it feels when your crush says hi to you or when you score A+ on a test. But while these things do make us happy it doesn’t take long before the euphoria wears off!

That’s because the secret to true and lasting happiness is “being faithful to your true nature”. So says Robert Holden, author of Be Happy (R153,95 Kalahari.net). “If you think happiness is OUTSIDE you, you’ll turn happiness into a search or a reward that you must earn. If, however, you know it’s INSIDE you, then you’ll begin to experience more happiness around you.” Here Robert dispels some common myths.

MYTH #1: To be happy, I must be perfect

When you think about it absolutely no one is perfect – but there are happy people. “As soon as you learn to forgive yourself for making mistakes (even the little ones like overdosing on self-tan), you stop those nasty self-judgments and can finally be happy with your true self,” Robert says.

MYTH #2: To be happy, I must deserve it

Got time to burn? Then spend your life chasing happiness. Want it now? Then CHOOSE happiness. “Try to find the place in your mind where you’ve already decided how good today will be, how good this year will be, how good your life will be. Set a positive intention right now to let today be even more enjoyable than you thought it was going to be,” he says.


So you’re mad that your parents won’t buy you an iPhone 4S or you think your life would be so much more complete if you just had that designer bag? Even if you had both, tomorrow there’d be something else on your “must-have” list – so ditch the list and start being grateful and appreciative of what you do have or you’ll spend the rest of your life shopping and never being completely satisfied. “A lot of happiness is overlooked because it doesn’t cost anything,” Robert explains.

MYTH #4: To be happy, I must find my true love

We’ve all watched Bella and Edward or Selena and Bieber and thought, “If only I had a boyfriend/girlfriend!” But there’s a hurdle that needs to be jumped before you can get lovey-dovey with someone: you have to love YOURSELF. “The bottom line is you won’t let anyone love you if you’re not willing to love yourself.” You’ve heard if before but people will treat you the way you treat you.

MYTH 5: To be happy, I must be a size 8

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Happiness isn’t tied to a clothes size or body shape – it’s INSIDE you, as part of your unconditional self-acceptance. The more you dwell on your size or berate yourself for not being thin enough, the further away you’re getting from happiness. “Without self-acceptance, you’ll limit and block how much happiness, love and success you’ll enjoy,” Robert says. “Being willing to accept yourself is the first step to bringing out your best.”  

The #1 happiness trick Live in the now! The more present you are in each moment, the more happiness you’ll find. Happiness is where you are.

- Harriet Farkash/ACPSyndication.com

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