Happy ending for Idols winner Elvis Blue

He has experienced triumph and tragedy so he was prepared for the outcome, good or bad, when the winner of Idols 6 was announced.

And this time he was triumphant, beating L’loyd Cele to the top spot.

Fans were reduced to tears when Elvis announced he and L’loyd – who’d become firm friends during the competition – had made a pact to share the R500 000 cash prize.

Life has changed dramatically for the hunky 30-year-old. The Idols challenge was easy compared to the battle he had to become a father.

Three years ago Elvis (real name Jan Hoogendyk) and wife Cherize (31) tried to adopt an orphaned girl named Faith but her relatives in Nigeria were traced and she was taken away.

Then Cherize suffered two miscarriages in two years, which plunged the couple into despair.

‘‘It was a sad time for us both,’’ Elvis told YOU. ‘‘We’d been trying for years to conceive but we were very unlucky in that regard.’’

They were delighted when Cherize fell pregnant in the year Faith was taken away but she lost the baby in December 2007. A year later she had another miscarriage.

When she found she was pregnant a third time Cherize didn’t dare wish for too much. But this time they had their happy ending – Lila is now 11 months old.

Cherize adores her husband of five years. ‘‘He’s such a romantic. He serenades me with songs he writes and we slow-dance to beautiful music late at night in our lounge. He’s perfect.’’

They’ll be sad to leave George and return to Joburg but Elvis will be in great demand now he’s a big name in the music business. ‘‘We love George but it’s not a place to establish a music career,’’ he says.

“”I don’t want fame to change me. If it does it should change me for the better. Celebrity is a currency and it should be spent wisely.’’

Read the full article in YOU, 11 November 2010.