Harrison Ford plane crash caused by loose part

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07 August 2015

Harrison Ford’s plane crash in March was caused by a loose part, it has been confirmed.

The National Transportation Safety Board revealed their report on Thursday into the incident that happened on March 5 this year. The accident caused the 73-year-old Star Wars actor serious injuries and now the cause of the crash has been identified.

TMZ reports that the NTSB found a loose part, the carburetor's main metering jet, was the culprit and likely stemmed from when the aircraft was rebuilt 17 years ago.

It also found that Harrison’s shoulder harness was not properly reinforced, which contributed to the severity of his injuries once he hit the ground.

The Indiana Jones star was piloting a vintage two-seater fighter plane when he was forced to crash land at Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California. Harrison was left with a big cut on his head as well as a broken pelvis and ankle.

In his statement to the NTSB, the actor told investigators that he did not remember the actual crash, only the moments leading up to it.

“The pilot reported ... the engine experienced a loss of power. He stated that he did not attempt an engine restart but maintained an airspeed of 85 mph and initiated a left turn back toward the airport; however, during the approach, he realized that the airplane was unable to reach the runway," the report said, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Subsequently, the airplane struck the top of a tree that was about 65 ft tall, and then impacted the ground in an open area of a golf course.”

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