Harrowing moment panicked dad throws child to safety from the roof of sinking car

By Nombulelo Manyana
02 February 2017

The nail-biting incident was caught on camera.

A panicked father standing on a sinking SUV throws his child to onlookers on shore in a desperate attempt to save her.

A video, which was captured in Changde City, China showing a panicked family standing on the roof of a sinking SUV, has went viral with well over 100 000 views on YouTube.

The incident took place on 28 January when the family was returning home to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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According to sources, in order to get home they took the ferry across a lake but during the ride, their SUV slipped into the lake with them still inside.

Luckily, they were all able to climb out to the roof of the vehicle.

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Once there, a dad holding his baby daughter in his arms asked onlooker who were standing on shore to help him with his daughter.

They shouted for him to throw the infant to them.

With the SUV sinking fast and time running out, the panicked man hurled the infant a few meters into the outstretched arms of the onlookers.

While to onlooker fortunately caught the child, the father plunged into the water himself.

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The family were saved and taken to hospital for a check-up. No injuries were reported.

Although the father was criticized for his spur of the moment decision, some defended the father, arguing that it's easy to make a mistake in such stressful circumstances.

What would you have done?

Sources: Daily Mail,The Mirror, Maroela Media

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