Have your cake and eat it!

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19 December 2014

If you're a dessert person then this may be good news for you. A new study has found that eating pudding before a meal could be the key to losing weight as it helps keep people's appetites in check.

Researchers at the Imperial College London looked into the hunger for glucose, which is found in food like cakes, chocolate and various desserts, and energy in the brain. They gave a group of rats the choice of drinking sugary water or eating their normal food, noting that they usually ate more of the pellets than sweet treats.

However, when their dose of glucokinase, a brain protein that keeps track of how much glucose is eaten, was increased the rats turned to sugary instead of their regular food.

After this the rats were starved for 24 hours, which resulted in the glucokinase in their brains becoming a lot more active.

Due to this, researchers believe that those with a sweet tooth likely produce larger levels of glucokinase. This could also be why some people find resisting a sweet delicacy more difficult than others and the findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, could result in new ways of dieting.

Dr James Gardiner, who took part in the study, urges individuals to tuck into glucose-rich foods before a meal. Their brains will soon determine that enough glucose has been digested and leave the body to naturally count the rest of the calories consumed. Overall, it could stop us from overeating.

The same wouldn't go for eating sugary products during a meal though as the brain would take longer to process the intake of glucose.

If you're against eating dessert as a starter, starch-heavy foods are also full of glucose. So try adding some bread, rice, pasta or even a small portion of chips to the beginning of your dinner. If stuck for options take inspiration from the Italians, who usually serve dishes such as risotto as a starter.

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