'He made a huge sacrifice to be with you': Bonang and ex-boyfriend Slikour talk AKA in super awkward interview

By Litaletu Zidepa
25 April 2016

At one point, Slikour tells Queen B she's "full of sh*t."

The South African entertainment industry is a small one. So if you're the local It Girl, chances are you're going to find yourself being interviewed about your new relationship by the man who supposedly dumped you on Facebook at some point, right?

In an awkward and yet revealing interview on urban culture and music website SlikourOnLife, Bonang Matheba opened up to former flame Slikour, playing it coy when her ex asked some pretty personal questions.

Right off the bat, the Afternoon Express presenter took the opportunity the clear up rumours that Slickr dumped her on Facebook.

"We just sort of let the story run‚ even though it’s not the truth," the unusually chatty star said. "We never found the time to rectify it six‚ seven years later but that’s not what it was."

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In the 11-minute video B even admitted Slikour was of the best boyfriends she has ever had.

"You were very good to me, you were very, very good to me. I think to this day, I'll never speak ill of you, I'll never say anything negative about you because you've never been an a**hole to me and I appreciate you."

But Queen B was less forthcoming when the former Skwatta Kamp rapper asked about her relationship with AKA.

“Yes‚ I’m happy. There’s less drama in my life‚ my life is more peaceful and I’m a lot more chilled.”

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“You need to go through hell in order to see how good you can have it. I’m grateful for all the mistakes I’ve made, the people I met, the relationships I’ve formed and where I am right now.”

Slikour said he was happy to see Bonang had found a man who was going to "fight for her", but was quick to add that she was "full of sh*t."

"You better take care of that. I mean, he's also made like, a huge sacrifice to be with you," he added, probably referring to how AKA called it off with mother of his daughter Kairo, DJ Zinhle, to be with Bonang.

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B responded, "Absolutely."

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