'He starts screaming': 7-year-old who lost his hand in firecracker accident still can't bear to look at his stump

By Hilda Van Dyk
06 September 2016

Since the news of his accident spread, well-wishers have helped pay for little Kosie to be moved to a private hospital.

Kosie Wessels (7) still doesn’t want to look at the stump that was once his left hand.

When the doctor takes the bandages off of what is now just a stump, “he goes crazy, screamimg 'no, no',” his mother Caroline Strydom says, as she sits next to his hospital bed at the Medi-Clinic in Polokwane.

Kosie was transferred to the private hospital yesterday after initially being treated at a local provincial hospital.

Caroline doesn’t have medical aid but since people have heard of Kosie’s terrible accident in which a firecracker exploded in his left hand, they have opened their hearts to the little boy.

Kosie found the firecracker in his sister’s bedroom and lit it in the lounge. Mom Caroline was busy cleaning elsewhere in the house at the time.

While Caroline was talking to YOU on the phone Kosie, a student at Piet Hugo Primary school, was busy taking stickers off of a page and placing them in a book.

“Press the paper down with your foot and then take the sticker off with your hand. Don’t get frustrated,” advises Caroline to her son during our conversation.

“He gets very angry and aggressive when he can’t get something right, but he needs to learn. He will get used to it, he is trying so hard,” says Caroline.

According to Caroline, her youngest is doing well and is expected to be discharged tomorrow.

Caroline says doctors are satisfied with the wound and there are no signs of infection.

“Kosie doesn’t complain about the pain in his arm too much. But he needs to lay with his arm on an elevated pillow,” says Caroline. “Although he does complain that the burn wounds on his body are quite painful.”

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