Head over heels in love

By admin
08 August 2013

Jeannie D is smitten – and the feeling is mutual! The Top Billing star describes the electrifying moment she met hunky Brennan

The way they met sounds like the stuff romantic comedies are made of and if it weren't real life you'd probably laugh it off as a far-fetched fantasy.

It's a love-at-first-electric-touch story, complete with impromptu dates and passionate kisses in the middle of busy roads.

In short, it’s enough to get even the most cynical of cynics believing in true love – and the fact the woman at the heart of it is one of the most loved celebs in South Africa only increases the warmth and fuzziness of it all.

“I’m so incredibly lucky,” Jeannie D (30) says. “Yes, it’s love. I’m in love.”

Read Jessica Levitt's article in YOU 15 August 2013 for the full article.

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