Heads up dual passport holders

By admin
20 June 2014

Travelling for dual passport holders is about to become more difficult.

Are you a dual passport holder? Britain has launched a new £ 1.2 billion (R22 billion) “e” borders passport control system. After an investigation by The Daily Telegraph, it was discovered that the new system will make it a lot more difficult for people with dual passports to travel to and from Britain. Currently dual nationals born outside of Britain use their birthplace passport to exit Britain, and their British passport to re-enter Britain. The new e-borders system will not allow this. The system uses information logged in by the airline on theoutbound journey. This means even if a dual national is readmitted into Britain with their British passport, they run the risk of being labelled an alien, treated as any other tourist. South Africans may even be asked to produce a visitor’s visa.

Travellers could even be charged with breaking immigration law when attempting to get back to the UK, and airlines would be forced to deny them passage home. Should you produce your British passport it would need to be verified at the nearest consulate or by the Passport Agency in the UK.

Other nationals such as Americans, Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders, with dual British nationality will be affected as well. The UK currently has a half a million dual citizens.

The UK Border Agency has stated that the passport you exit and enter the country with must be the same one. If you fail to do this you will not be allowed or able to travel.

Source: steltrav.co.za

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