Healthy diet options for blood type O

By Kirstin Buick
30 October 2013

Clinical nutritionist Margaret Ellis specialises in live blood analysis and provides us this week with information about blood type O.

Type O is the most common blood group. This blood type’s ancestors were the hunter-gatherers. On a high-protein, meat-based diet you can have a slim body in time for the new year.

A few simple guidelines:

Stay away from wheat.

If you’re of African descent limit your intake of dairy and eggs. The only meat you aren’t allowed is pork.   Get YOU Best Diets (on shelves now) for a thorough list of what each blood group can and can’t eat, and for delicious recipes for each type.

  DAY 1

BREAKFAST: Small bowl of stewed prunes, oats with soya milk and green tea.

SNACK: Small handful of walnuts or almonds.

LUNCH: Green salad of beetroot leaves and lettuce with shredded mackerel, green beans and strips

of red and yellow peppers. Olive oil for dressing. Ginger tea.

SNACK: Crudités with hummus dip. Use raw carrots, celery, cucumber and sugar snap peas. DINNER: Grilled steak with steamed spinach and pumpkin. Use sea salt, iodised salt or herb seasoning with iodine. Soda water. DAY 2

BREAKFAST: Poached egg on rye toast and pineapple juice.

SNACK: Plum, fig or apple with pumpkin seeds.

LUNCH: Salad with liver strips, lettuce, rocket, cucumber and baby tomatoes. Parsley tea.

SNACK: Rice cake with tahini.

DINNER: Seared salmon with sweet potato wedges and wilted spinach in garlic and olive oil. Soda

water or ginger tea.

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